Importance of Vitamin D!

Do you know what your vitamin D level is? You need to know. Vitamin D is very important for wellness. Why do you need to know your Vitamin D level? The vitamin D helps in brain health, it regulates blood pressure, weight, and mood. Therefore an inadequate level of Vitamin D will cause blood pressure to rise, weight gain, and abnormal mood. Also it can protect us from conditions like Cancer or heart disease. Another reason why your Vitamin D level needs to be checked is because it is good for our bone health. It prevents us from fractures and from weaker bones because it’s basic role is calcium absorption. According to our research, Vitamin D is linked to heart health so therefore a deficiency in Vitamin D might lead to heart disease. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to weight gain by the Atlantic Study Publish by the National Institute of Health. In other words in the Study they found that the insulin dependent diabetics were still experiencing weight gain even when they are on their insulin and diabetic medication. This led them to checking the vitamin d levels and they found out that was the cause for the weight gain. Another interesting reason why we should check our vitamin d levels especially in teenagers is that it regulates hormones and an abnormal vitamin d level might cause abnormal behavior due to irregular hormones.


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