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Hope and New Life Healthcare is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides individually tailored, holistic wellness program to prevent and manage diseases and restore good health.

Donations are important for us to keep helping those in need. Over many areas from our health and wellness center to our outreach programs in Sierra Leon, West Africa, and other locations we need to rely on the strong to help the weak. Anything helps! Please look at any of our pages to find reasons why donating will help those who need it because we have the tools to help but we need more resources. If you have any questions about how your donation will help please contact us directly on the contact page to speak with us and hear why your donation will help those in need.

Donations go to many different aspects of our health and wellness mission. A big part of our resources are used for our health outreach program in Africa, providing aid to those who can’t get it. We are not only looking towards Africa but with more donations we can spread our services to more countries in desperate need of our help, like Beliz in South America. Donations go towards medical equipment as well as medications that people can’t afford and getting the doctors and missionaries to the areas/people that need them. We need medical equipment like portable cholesterol, blood sugar, hemoglobin a1c machines, vital signs, and EKG machines.

The donations not only help the medical necessities overseas but also here at our US location as well. We help those in our own communities too, if someone needs help it is our goal to provide that and help get them back on their feet. HALO watch is an actual watch medical device we use to help some people here with their wellness. It monitors them 24/7, it is an expensive watch. They will wear the watch for 24 hours or more and it allows us to monitor the blood pressure, respiration, sleep patterns, ekg, and other health factors. The watch is attached to one of our nurses emails and the nurse can then review and monitor the results in real time. This allows the nurse to evaluate and assess these results from the watch to meet with the patient and they can begin a Hollistic treatment process. If the patient has a primary physician we can send the results there too.

Click here to download our presentation about why you should donate.