Health Outreach Abroad

Hope and New Life has a branch in Sierra Leon, West Africa, registered to the government as a non profit organization.

We help in the places where there are no hospitals or healthcare services. What we do there is we pre register the people and perform  services such as checking blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels as well as many other treatments.

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Our Results So Far

We usually find out 50 percent of the people are living with a very high blood pressure level. Usually running in the 200s over the 100s.

55 percent are diabetics. Another 20 percent have infections such as malaria, typhoid, and other infectious diseases.

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Treating disease and illness starts with preventing it.

We take multiple steps to educate those unable to learn.

We put them into educational classes. We give educational training to those on special diets. We have a club for diabetics/high blood pressure patients where they meet monthly even after we finish the out reach. We continuously follow up with them, once the outreach is over our job is not done, we keep in touch and return.

We provide medication for those who can not afford it because most of those diagnosed lack the financial resources to take the medication. Medications such as insulin as well  offering glaucoma machines so they can check their blood sugar levels.

We work closely with a group of intern doctors at the main hospitals. They come over and volunteer their services for the people of the villages.

Presently we are using our efforts for another huge outreach in  Sierra Leone, where we are able to teach and treat the people who need it.

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Children’s Health In West Africa

Help for Educational Health and Empowerment for African Children


We help sponsor and create clubs for Kelly’s Vocational and Agricultural Secondary School. This school is a coed school, presently at Kelly’s Secondary School, which is from Kindergarten all the way up through Middle and High School, we have 700 students, and in that very compound we have the boarding home/Orphanage for the students who lost their parents to the Eboli and Civil War crisis.


These children deserve the basic needs that most of us take for granted every day. After everything they’ve been through with diseases and wars anything we can do to bring them just the everyday necessities will be a much needed bright spot in this world. On this page we will show you how we help, and how you can help too.


Kelly’s School is a Vocational and Agricultural school, meaning we do not only educate the children in a multiple number of subjects, but we also prepare them to work in various jobs such as a trade or craft or technician in this third world country.  We are giving them a career and education for the future.


We have used Kelly’s as a base for other various projects to help our community. Our ultimate goal is not only making Kelly’s School a better place, but to  help other schools in Sierra Leone and empower them to work with us and help the children in Sierra Leone nation wide.


Below you will find links to various projects we are working on in order to bring a better quality of life to these children.

Water Project PowerPoint

Construction Club PowerPoint

Orphanage and Kindergarten

Food Assistance and Transportation

Computer Lab and Home Economics Club

Agricultural and Energy Project

If you find it in your heart to help here’s how to donate. You can receive updates including pictures and videos on exactly how YOUR donation is helping this cause. You can even visit Kelly’s with our team that goes out there periodically to see in first person how you’re help is changing the lives of those who so desperately need it

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