Research is a very important step, we can’t keep treating the same symptoms without trying to cure the disease.

So far in our research our two main focuses are the homeless and diabetes.


We are researching diabetes because of the widespread increase of the disease, not only among adults but also teenagers. The increase of diabetes is affected not only by the food we eat, but the metabolism of the food and by the stress level of the individual. We also notice that the stress level is higher with kids that are in high school (trying to get in to good colleges, teenage struggles), people with high stress jobs like CEOs or emergency workers. We are in the process of acquiring more funding in order to expand the research so that we may better understand it and share our knowledge with the world in order to make a difference and make our lives healthier.


Homelessness is an illness, it has symptoms that can be treated. The cause of homelessness however has not been looked into as much as we think it should. We have brought a couple of homeless individuals into our home, we started with a wellness evaluation, we found out about their medical/physical/spiritual/emotional/nutritional status. We provided and still provide a place for them for 6 months or more as well as correlate with the church for spiritual counseling.  We provide food, track nutritional levels, and make doctors appointments for them.

A noticeable cause that adds to the chance of being homeless is illiteracy, we have an adult literacy class that we are doing as well. After that we begin to assimilate them into job training, and train them in better job seeking practices based on the fields they are passionate about. We’ve trained a couple of the patients in home health care and aid.

 80% of homeless people have a mental disorder, which we try to help by putting our homeless patients under counseling, therapy,  and medication to counteract anxiety, fear, paranoia, schizophrenia. If homelessness is an illness, we can treat the symptoms, with home care, guidance, education, love, and the right care.