Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Our wellness services start with preventive care, and management of existing diseases. We include questions that evaluate medical, physical, emotional, and nutritional status of the patient. We perform this assessment to enable a sound plan to take the best care of the patient from the start to their future well being.

We have different programs for different individuals. Important examples of wellness services include the following

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Evaluation Phase (Initial phase)

We evaluate past through present medical/psychological/physical/mental/nutritional statuses of the individual. Including past histories, diagnosis, lifestyle, everything pertaining to them. So we will be able to put them in the right program.

Medical Evaluation Counseling

Includes past medical diagnoses, we work with the client’s physician to get to the cure instead of just taking care of the symptoms. We accompany clients to their doctor’s appointments as well if needed. Our medical evaluation also includes HALO watch.

High level premium program provides HALO watch.

This includes monitoring blood pressure, ekg, respiration and sleep level.

Monitoring Vitamin D levels, hemoglobin a1c for diabetes, and various research techniques.

We monitor them while they sleep and the results are linked to the Registered Nurse in charge.

We then evaluate the results and meet with the patient to come up with a plan. Their results can be forwarded to the patient’s primary physician if needed.

Dietary/Nutritional Services

We start with evaluation of any special diets. We can compose an individualized menu. Also check to see if there’s any needed supplements for the individual with testing for deficiencies. For example deficiency in Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, vitamin D level

We provide nutritional supplements as needed/ordered.

Spiritual Evalutation and Counseling

We start with any hopes or emotional stresses, we work through education about forgiveness and trying to help them through letting go and seeing the positive side of the situation and releasing the negative. It’s more about spiritual counseling and evaluation and finding the past stresses in life.

Exercise classes

We help in making sure we bring them back to their goal of wellness status through physical training and classes.

Keeping the body physically active is very important for the patient’s well being. We also take patients to exercise classes at other locations.

Includes stretches we usually do, we have a gym with a bike and treadmill and other exercise equipment. We encourage clients per their evaluation to go on walks, to exercises in the house with an instructional video that we do. We also do meditations and relaxation techniques